10 Outstanding Benefits of Drinking More Water

At the very outset, let me narrate an incident at the airport gate, on my way back to my native place California, the USA from Nairobi, Kenya. The security personnel had seized the 3 liters of water I had just bought in the main terminal. Sounds hilarious! Doesn’t it? Possibly, the security agencies couldn’t believe how much water I usually consume on a 19-hour flight. Believe me or not, it could be more than 5 liters!

Generally, water has always been my preferred drink as it can only make me feel good. Being a fitness enthusiast, I advise others to drink water if they are constipated, hungry, have a craving, a headache, etc. Water is so helpful, so readily available, yet so easily neglected. If your overall body is nearly 60% water, then your brain is at least 80% water.  The maximum quantity of blood and every cell in your body is composed of water. So, you need water for proper functioning.

I hardly suffer from constipation or any headaches. Trust me, I don’t even carry over-the-counter NSAIDS or analgesic medications wherever I go. I’ve full faith in my choice of drinking a sufficient amount of water. I’ve been frequently complimented by my friends and colleagues for my clear and youthful skin. I can only thank my hydration. That’s about me. Indeed, other factors can contribute to skin problems and headaches.

There isn’t any doubt that the amount of water each person requires or can afford is very individual. However, if you find that your pee isn’t light-yellow in color or you toil with any of the issues mentioned above, then it’s obvious that you aren’t receiving a sufficient amount of H2O.

If you feel unsure about the quantity of water, then you should always listen to the needs of your body. The National Academy of Medicine recommends amounts of water intake daily according to science-based research. As 20% of that amount is sourced from food, the 80% we need from fluids is as follows considering 1 cup = 8 ounces:

  • Men: 12.5 cups
  • Women: 9 cups
  • Pregnant Women: 10 cups
  • Breastfeeding Women:  13 cups

When you don’t like the taste of water, then you can add an extra squeeze of lime, a squirt of lemon, some sprigs of fresh mint, or a cucumber or orange slice. You may even experiment by adding some berries or watermelon to whatever gets you to enjoy the fluid intake.

Although water happens to be my preferred fluid, similarly other fluids with health benefits, like coffee, tea, etc., also count toward your fluid consumption. Mentioning the benefits, the reasons to hydrate are many. However, I’ve identified and narrowed it down to the top 10.

  1. Functioning of the Immune System

Getting sufficient water may not initially come to mind if you consider immunity. But it should. If we fall sick due to diarrhea or fighting a bug, then higher water losses can happen. That’s why you should focus on fluids if you’re under the weather.

Hydration helps to lubricate mucous membrane barriers in our mouth and nose, which is our initial defense against lymphatic draining, maximum pathogens, clearance of cellular waste, transporting nutrients, antibodies, and much more. Latest research has even indicated that less-than-optimal hydration may cause COVID-19 severity and death.

  1. Balancing Body Water

Homeostasis of water content in the body depends on water gains and losses. Daily water losses usually occur through sweating, breathing, and urination. These losses are a natural detox method too for flushing the toxins out. Moreover, by this intricate body water balance, necessitating daily hydration sufficiently, the body can maintain and maximize temperature regulation, aka thermoregulation.

  1. Protects Kidney

Higher fluid intake minimizes the risk of getting kidney stones and also ensures their less recurring if you already had them. A few studies even claim that higher fluid intake helps to prevent urinary tract infections (UTI).

  1. Weight Loss

Isn’t it great that H20 equals zero calories? Moreover, drinking extra water, swapping out calorie-laden beverages with water, and drinking water before a meal are all excellent strategies for weight loss. At least research says so. Water intake can also increase energy expenditure and fat oxidation, particularly during obesity.

  1. Digestive Regularity

The reason why it’s known as “bowel movement,” is because the bowels should move. However, that’s not always the case for a few people. Insufficient water consumption contributes to greater constipation. That’s why hydration could be an easy answer to digestive suffering.

  1. Skin Hydration

The most affordable anti-aging strategy is water intake, linked to better skin hydration and less dryness. Both are significant factors for attractive and young-looking skin.

  1. Physical Activities

Insufficient water consumption and repletion of losses during exercise, due to sweating, implies worse performance. If you can’t hydrate enough, then it may lead to less blood flow to muscles, minimized cardiac output, less endurance, and extra fatigue.

  1. Help With Headaches

Not availing yourself of enough fluids is assumed to majorly contribute to headache etiology. During a clinical trial, it has been observed that whenever patients with headaches consumed more water, like additional1.5 liters, equaling 6.3 cups, their symptoms drastically improved.

  1. Eye Health

As mentioned earlier, our eyes have a higher water content, and dehydration is related to eye conditions such as cataracts, dry eye, and retinal vascular disease. I think that it is sufficiently motivating to drink more fluids.

  1. Mood and Brain Function

Research has established that dehydration has a negative brain impact, particularly on our fatigue, mood, and cognitive alertness.


Water happens to be a crucial, daily lifestyle choice to complement the health and function of each cell within our body. Apart from the 10 amazing health benefits mentioned above, water is also responsible for the metabolism of the foods we consume, the transport of different compounds across cellular membranes, the balance of multiple cellular activities, and circulatory functions. The bottom line is that we are made up of water.

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