Top 7 Health Benefits of Laughing

Benefits of Laughing

Laughter may not be the best medicine prescribed by doctors; however, it continues to be a pretty good one. It has been found that scientists have dedicated their precious years to studying laughter. Studies still show that a proper dose of laughter has immense benefits for your body.
So, in this article, we’ve identified the seven amazing health benefits of laughter. They are as follows:

Makes You Feel Happier

Laughing assists you in lightening your mood. It can reduce chronic depression and anxiety as well as make it more convenient to cope with challenging situations.

Helps Your Heart

A sound roar of laughter is healthy for your heart. It facilitates your heart by increasing the amount of oxygen in your blood and boosting your heart rate. It also minimizes arterial wall stiffness, which is linked to cardiovascular disease.

Benefits of Laughing
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Relieves Pain

Laughter indeed discharges endorphins. A significant effect of the discharge of this hormone is that it enhances pain tolerance. A study was conducted with participants watching 15 minutes of a comedy show in a group. It was found that their pain tolerance had increased 10% more than before the laughter. For people who watched a comedy show alone instead of in the company of others, their pain tolerance increased as well. However, it was a bit less than 10%.

Boosts Your Immune System

Laughing can be of immense help for you to stay safe from viruses by boosting your immune system. With laughing, you can release more anti-infection antibodies to protect your body from any kind of viral infection.

Increases Your Possibilities to Get Pregnant

In a 2011 study, it was found that women going through in vitro fertilization were 16% more likely to become pregnant when if by a clown compared to those who did not have the clown encounter.

Reduces Stress

Your body releases cortisol whenever you feel stressed. As it is known as the stress hormone, cortisol gets a bad name. However, it plays a significant role in the body. It can regulate blood sugar levels, lessen inflammation, manage metabolism, and activate the fight or flight response in your body at crucial times. However, with excessive cortisol, your body feels that stress.
Laughter is an important way by which your body can help to regulate cortisol. Laughing enhances your oxygen intake to stimulate body circulation and minimizes your cortisol levels. A few studies reveal that simply the act of laughing, without any humor in it, may have positive stress-relieving effects as well.

Relaxes Your Body

Stress may lead to the tensing up of your muscles. Laughing can help relieve stress as it soothes your muscles. A burst of sound laughter will help you relieve your muscles of additional stress for nearly 45 minutes as it stimulates circulation.

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If you can take a self-care break and find things that entertain you, then you may feel that it is like a luxury. However, for the sake of your health, it is very necessary. Even if you can devote 15 minutes in a day to doing something that makes you laugh could help you boost your spirits and live life to the fullest. Even if nothing strikes you as funny, simply force a fake laugh and see the results.

You may be guffawing at a sitcom on your television or quietly giggling at a newspaper cartoon, laughing benefits you immensely. As laughter is an amazing form of stress relief, you should consider every joke to laugh for the sake of your health.

A good sense of humor can’t cure a lot of ailments. There are both short-term as well as long-term benefits.

Short-term Effects

  • Stimulate many organs
  • Activate and relieve your stress response
  • Soothe tension

Long-term Effects

  • Improve your immune system
  • Relieve pain
  • Increase personal satisfaction
  • Improve your mood

Improve Your Sense of Humor

If you feel afraid that you have an underdeveloped or nonexistent sense of humor, then no issues as humor can be learned. Rather, developing or refining your sense of humor may be simpler than your imagination.


You can always go ahead and try it once by turning the corners of your mouth up into a smile and then giving a laugh, though it may feel a little forced. After you’ve had your chuckle, introspect how you’re feeling. Your muscles will feel a little less tense. You will feel more relaxed or buoyant. That’s the remarkable achievement of laughing at work.

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